I booked my appointment online, what’s next?
A: After you’ve booked an appointment, one of our customer service representatives will contact you to confirm your appointment. On the scheduled day of service, your cleaning technician will provide a courtesy call 30 minutes prior to your appointment.

What do you consider a room?
A: We consider a room to be an area of approximately 300 square feet or less.

Do you move furniture?
A: We move furniture so long as it’s free and clear of electronics and breakables. Once cleaning is complete, we’ll return your furniture to its original location. In order to protect your carpet, we’ll set your furniture on a protective material to prevent staining.

Do you offer Pet-Treatment?
A: Yes, we offer Pet-Treatments as an additional service. If you’d like additional services, please notify our carpet technicians prior to cleaning.

How do you clean black lines around baseboards and under doorways?
A: The dirt and debris around baseboards and under doorways is called soil filtration. This occurs from moving air passing between the carpet and baseboards and under the door. With special effort, reasonable results can be achieved.

How wet is the carpet after cleaning?
A: We use hot-water extraction in order to provide a thorough carpet cleaning. This method leaves some moisture on the carpet, however, our cleaning process will get your carpets dry in no time, GUARANTEED.

Do you offer any Coupons?
A: We provide coupons exclusively through email to our current customers. Are you not yet a customer? Sign up for our mailing list to receive special discounts and promotions.