Best Carpet Cleaning

The best carpet cleaning method is steam cleaning which is also hot water extraction cleaning. The hot water extraction cleaning method uses equipment that sprays heated water on the carpet, while the water is Simultaneously vacuumed up along with any dislodged and dissolved dirt.

Many carpet manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaners who use hot water extraction as the most effective carpet cleaning method.

Hot water extraction equipment may be a portable unit that plugs into an electrical outlet, or a truck mount carpet cleaning machine ( carpet cleaning extractor) requiring long hoses from the truck or trailer. A truck mounted carpet cleaning machine may be used where electricity is unavailable (e.g. if electrical service was terminated). Truck mount carpet cleaning may be unsuited to premises distant from a driveway or road, and hoses may need to pass through windows to reach upper floors of a building. Hoses needed for truck mount and professional portable carpet cleaning may present an inconvenience or tripping hazard to users of hallways, and pets or children can escape through doors that must be left ajar for hoses. Heated or air conditioned air will also escape from buildings unless you choose the best carpet cleaner in your area such as our company since we use door covers to reduce  waste of energy.

Truck mounted carpet cleaning machines minimize noise in the room being cleaned. Truck mounted cleaning is much faster than a portable equipment, and extra heat and power can give faster drying times. Choose us, the best carpet cleaning company in Lawrenceville Ga. Our carpet cleaning service areas include; carpet cleaning Atlanta Ga , carpet cleaning Lawrenceville Ga , carpet cleaning Norcross Ga , carpet cleaning Buford Ga , carpet cleaning Alpharetta Ga , carpet cleaning Tucker Ga , carpet cleaning Stone Mountain Ga , carpet cleaning Snellville Ga , carpet cleaning Lilburn Ga , carpet cleaning Grayson Ga